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Sunway® Alpha Awnings

Designed in Australia, the  Sunway® Alpha Awning Series is a modern straight drop style awning system suited to all exterior buildings.


Alpha Awnings offer 5 Styles which can be mixed & matched whilst still maintaining a consistent appearance for your home.
Reducing Energy

Alpha Awnings proven to reduce cooling energy costs by up to 60%*. Alpha Awnings have been independently tested & proven to significantly reduce cooling energy costs by keeping a standard* home at a consistent & comfortable temperature throughout the summer months. With an Alpha Awning on your home it will reflect heat, keep interiors cool and reduce energy costs by up to:

  • Perth 48%
  • Melbourne 13%
  • Sydney 44%
  • Brisbane 58%
  • Cairns 47%
  • Adelaide 35%
  • Canberra 35%
  • Coffs Harbour 60%
  • Rockhampton 48%
  • Darwin 34%
Wind Load

Alpha Awnings have been tested to comply with a Class 3 level of Wind Resistance under the European standard EN13561: 2009-01. A variety of design options and bottom rail accessories are available to keep awnings secured during windy conditions.

This level of Wind Resistance equates to a rating of ‘6’ on the Beaufort Scale, which is equivalent to a wind speed of 49 km/h. It is recommended that all awnings be retracted in windy conditions.
*Results based on a single storey, brick veneer home on a concrete slab using ducted air-conditioning and equally distributed windows with Alpha Awnings installed with Canvas fabric. Based on independent modelling conducted by White Box Technologies in conjunction with Peter Lyons & Associates June 2013.

Sleek Finish

Featuring universal installation componetry the Alpha System features no visible screws or rivets on the finished product when used with a headbox.

Side channels provide a neat, clean finish by enclosing the fabric and components. The front channel can be disconnected if required to access the fabric.

Colour Options

Sunway Alpha Awnings are available in six colour options that seamlessly coordinate home exteriors. Five colours are inspired by popular COLORBOND® colours.

Custom Made

The Sunway® Alpha system can be personalised to suit your exact external shading requirements, manufactured in Australia.

Core Strength

Sunway® Alpha Awnings feature robust componetry engineered for Australian conditions, offering optimal hanging performance over small or large spans.

Awning Styles

Sunway® Alpha Awnings feature 5 Styles using common hardware for a consistent appearance irrespective of which awning style you choose.
Straight Drop

Sleek & simple with a modern aesthetic.

Cable Guide

Industrial look allowing privacy & ventilation.

Deep Channel

Complete privacy & eliminates any light gaps. Multiple lock off location at various heights.

Side Retention System

Ideal for high wind areas. Encloses an outside area, with no gaps for dust & dirt to enter.

Pivot Arm

Perfect for outward opening windows to circulate air flow & reduce direct sunlight into the home.

Headbox Options

Sunway® Alpha Awnings can be customised with 3 different headbox styles.
Closed Headbox

Keeps the fabric clean from rain, UV & dirt enhancing longevity.

Open Headbox

Increased air circulation around the roller minimising heat build up for PVC skins.

Open Roller

A cost-effective option offering a modern industrial look.

Operating Options

Sunway® Alpha Awnings offer a complete suite of operating options.
Solar Motorisation

Incorporating the best of technology & design, control your awning with a touch of a button.

PhotonOne is a completely solar-powered with no hardwiring electricity required for motor operation, eliminating the need for a certified electrician.
Simple & easy to install saving you money & reducing energy costs.

Merger® Motorisation

Enjoy effortless operation at the press of a button with either remote control or switch operated motor options.

Neo Smart

Centralise and simplify your home with Neo Smart, the tiny but talented home automation hub, compatible with Merger® remote control motors. Control roller blinds and awnings via an easy to use app on your smart phone or partner with Amazon Alexa or Control4 systems for a fully integrated solution.

Wireless Solar Powered Wind & Sun Sensor Option

Operates the awning based on light level, by either raising or lowering the awning depending on the amount of sunlight. The wind sensor retracts an awning in overly windy conditions to avoid any unnecessary strain to the awning.

Manual Crank

The geared crank ensures easy operation that is not dependent on your strength. Available in:

  • 9:1 ratio gear or 4:1 for smaller awnings.
  • Black, grey or white colours and polished zinc in various lengths.
Internal Cord Winch

Perfect solution to operate your awning when the weather is not ideal outside. Only available on 60mm tube.

Light Lift

An innovative operating option allowing you to raise & lower the awning to any desired position by simply moving the bottom rail by hand.

Standard Spring Operation

Allows you to manually adjust the height of the awning & secure using either the sliding bolt system or hold down clip option.


Incorporating the best of technology & design, control your awning with a touch of a button. A range of premium & cost-effective motorisation solutions are available.

Bottom Rail Accessories

The Alpha Awning Series Bottom Rail holds the fabric taut & minimises any movement in windy situations. A range of optional accessories are available to personalise your awning to your home.
Weight Bar

An additional weight bar can be inserted into the bottom rail for smaller awnings that require additional weight to reduce bottom rail bounce & increase fabric tension.

An additional 1.2kgs can be added per metre.

Locking Bolt

Secures the awning into the side channel base, cable bracket or breeching staple. As the bolt is inserted inside the base rail, the system maintains its clean aesthetic, and allows the bottom rail to be positioned closer to the ground.

Hold Down Strap

Hold down straps can be used to hold the awning down at various points across the width of the awning. Similar to the locking bolts, the hold down clips insert inside the bottom rail for a clean finish.

Pile Brush & Valance

The floor surface is often not perfectly level. When an awning is installed over a wide width.


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