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About Us

Mission / Vision

We specialise in providing services in all areas of Brisbane and south east Queensland. As well as shipping products all around Australia, we also export to areas outside of Australia. Please contact us to arrange shipping details. Below is a diagram of where we are located in Brisbane.

History and Objectives

Proudly QLD owned and operating for over 25 years. Stylewise Security and Glass is a second generation, family owned and operated business. The original company and factory was established in Stafford in the 1990’s. Initially, we began by buying in pre-fabricated product but we have since evolved from those early days to manufacture our own aluminum and steel security product to better serve our customers. Today we have 15 experienced staff members. Owner/operator Glenn Turner has over 25 years experience and our team of office staff has over 100 years of combined industry experience. We ensure that our staff are trained to meet the latest industry standards. Not only are we BSA licensed, we are members of the National Security Screen of Queensland. We are active and constantly work with the industry to evolve security screen manufacturers and installers and our trade through this association.

Meet the Team

Stylewise Security and Glass has a professional team of experts who perform the installation work. Stylewise Security and Glass provides custom doors and windows. The company has been following the same craftsmanship and values for more than 20 years. The range of products offered by Stylewise Security and Glass is enormous and covers every possible size and shape. It also aims to keep up with the latest processes and equipment. The company commits itself in satisfying the internal and external needs of the customers. The products of Stylewise Security and Glass are installed in accordance with Stylewise Security and Glass recommendations and Australian Standards. With respect to glass, we provide a window exchange. For example, if you have old timber windows and you need to replace with windows, we will base our recommendations based on finding for you the best product conducive to your needs and for the best price. Variety of windows, fencing and doors from Stylewise Security and Glass are offered in timber and aluminium. As more and more households are becoming victim to attempted break-ins, you can’t go past Stylewise  door and window security screening products. While the chance or burglary is high, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of having your personal property invaded by installing quality service devises, and exercising some practice safety measures.

Your safety checklist

There are many measures you can take to secure your home, and by getting into just a few simple habits will do a lot to deter unwanted guests:

Simple safety tips

  • Always lock all outside doors and windows when you go out, even if you are going to be only 10 minutes.
  • Lock your external garage or garden shed with a quality key-operated lock or padlock
  • If you go out at night, leave a few internal lights on.
  • Do not leave keys hidden outside your house.
  • When in the garden, upstairs or watching TV, lock up parts of the house you can’t see.
  • Know whom to call.  Keep a list of emergency numbers by the phone or in your mobile.
  • Advertise your security.  Place stickers for your security system where they would be seen by would-be intruders.
  • Keep expensive items, such as TVs or handbags out of view from outside.
  • Trim trees and shrubs around windows.
  • If you have a lot of jewellery, valuable documents, cash or other negotiable items, consider installing a safe.
  • Never leave notes for people telling them you are out and when you will be back.
  • Lock up your door with a key as well as securing the snib.
  • Never have your home address attached to your house keys.

Stay Safe with Stylewise

With products from the SupaScreen®, IntrudaGuard® and SupaScape™ series, there is no excuse not to keep your home safe and secure.

Safeguard your home and family with these Stylewise tips

  • Fit stainless steel or grille security screens to all accessible windows.
  • Fit key-operated two-cylinder deadlocks to external-hinged doors.
  • Fit key-operated lock or patio bolts to all external sliding doors.
  • Fit key-operated single cylinder window locks to accessible windows.
Is your home secure these holidays?  To relax on your holiday, make sure you don’t have to worry about your home.

Holiday Security Checklist

  • Fit approved key-operated locks on all external doors and accessible windows.
  • Install automatic timers on lights and the TV, and divert the home phone to your mobile. (Never mention you are away).
  • Ask a neighbour to collect your mail, keep your lawn trimmed and park a car in your driveway.
  • Lock away tools and ladders, and secure your wheelie bin so it can’t be used to access upper areas.
  • Cancel regular deliveries, such as newspapers.
  • Arrange a house sitter.
  • Check your contents insurance policy is up to date.

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